AngiePen (angiepen) wrote,

Serenity Comics

All the actual Serenity fans (as opposed to people like me who just saw the movie and a few episodes but think it's pretty cool) probably know about this site already but just in case anyone doesn't, check out Serenity Tales. It's a site with a collection of Serenity comics by various writers and artists. They're not linked; it's more like an anthology.

"Black" is a story about Mal when he was a teenager and is pretty cool. "Beginner's Luck" is cute and I think a lot of fans can identify with the young ladies in question. [cough] "Notes on a Fridge" is a great giggle. :D "Diversionary Tactics" is also good for a giggle but poor Jayne gets no respect, hehehe! And I want to know why he was reading yaoi.... [innocent humming]
Tags: fandom, fun
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