AngiePen (angiepen) wrote,

My LJ Anniversary

Four years ago, on 1 Feb 2004, I created this journal, yay! I've always forgotten in previous years but I just happened to be looking at my profile yesterday and noticed the creation date, so this time I can actually, like, post about it. [grin]

To sort of celebrate the anniversary, I want to reprise a meme I did a few years back that a bunch of us had fun with. Leave me a comment with the name of any two characters I'm familiar with and I'll write you a one-line fic with them, for variable values of "one." Last time I did this, all the values of one varied pretty far on the high side :) and a bunch of the fic scraps I posted to the meme I eventually developed into entire stories, so that was pretty cool.

Come play! And anyone who wants to do this too, feel free to grab!

Angie, setting out cake and drinks in her four-year-old journal
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