AngiePen (angiepen) wrote,

GLBT Bookshelf and Some Press Weirdness

Mel Keegan has pulled together a site called the GLBT Bookshelf to act as a clearinghouse for independent writers, publishers, artists, editors, reviewers, etc., of GLBT books, so that censorship elsewhere won't have the power to cut us off from the rest of the world again; we'll have our own place out from under the umbrella of any larger organization which might want to shove us back into a corner, or off a cliff. The inspiration was AmazonFail, of course, and the site, which is a wiki, has exploded with pages since it was thrown open for people to join and start building. There are so far a few hundred writers, a bunch of publishers, with lists and categories and cross-links so you can wander around and find whatever you might be into. And it'll only get better as more people come on over and add their info.

Here's my main page for anyone who's interested; there are links to pages about each of my published stories, with buy links and links to two free stories, which are sequels to two of my commercial stories.

Mel's also planning on adding a Booklover's Lounge too, specifically for readers. I'll let you all know when that happens.

The first publicity campaign is starting and we've got a press release out to a few sites, which is pretty cool. Hopefully the site will get a nice wave of people wandering through.

The weirdness, though, came just a few minutes ago. Mel Keegan e-mailed all of us who've signed up on the site about the press release, which says in part:

Frustrated by the infamous "AmazonFail" fiasco of early 2009, in which the online retail giant was suspected of attempting to deny GLBT literature the benefits of its promotional systems, Keegan conceived of an online community in which all such systems were circumvented -- replaced by "community promotion" with direct links to authors’ and publishers’ pages.

There's another mention of "AmazonFail" later on as well. But Mel mentioned that one of the sites to which the press release was submitted,, would only run the story if the mentions of "AmazonFail" were removed. o_O Umm, excuse me? None of the other sites minded the mention at all; "AmazonFail" was big news a couple of months ago and mention of it will only bring more traffic. So one has to wonder whether Amazon might not own a chunk of, and be trying to squelch mentions in the news of their more embarassing moments. Only speculation of course, but it's definitely suspicious.


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