AngiePen (angiepen) wrote,

Trying to Read a Fic

I just saw an interesting looking fic that's almost twenty chapters in. There's no summary [sigh] but the title is suggestive of a trope I find intriguing, so I clicked through anyway.

Chapter Almost-Twenty. No links. No tags. No nothing. The only way to find all the pieces would be to go on an Easter egg hunt through the journals where it's posted. I won't do that even if it's just someone's personal journal, but just to ice the cake, this person is posting directly to the (very busy) fic communities, so there'd be even more stuff to search through than there would be in a personal journal.

Umm, no. Sorry. I've said before (and various other places in comments) that if a writer can't be bothered to make it easy for me to read a story -- all the way through, from the beginning, even if I'm not there as they post each chapter -- then I can't be bothered to click and search and hunt around to find all the pieces so I can actually read it. I don't care who the characters are or how intriguing the header seems; even if I had the time to go on said Easter egg hunt, which I don't, this sort of thing just pisses me off.

I can only assume this person doesn't want readers, except perhaps the ones who were there when they started posting and have been there all along (sorry, no vacations allowed). And I can also only assume that this person isn't interested in being nominated for any fic awards, since it's clearly not fair to expect people doing a writer the favor of nominating, or people doing fandom the favor of running an award cycle (a thankless job if ever there was one), to take the time to go combing through the underbrush collecting however many pieces of a novel-length fic into one place so that it can be nominated, when the writer could've done it so easily as they posted but chose not to bother.

So, whatever. Maybe it's a great fic, but I'm scrolling on. [sigh]


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