AngiePen (angiepen) wrote,

Upgrade Discount?

So LJ has this holiday thing going on where people with paid or permanent accounts can send $10 discount coupons to people with basic or plus accounts who want to upgrade to a year's worth of paid account. This usually costs $19.95, so with a coupon it's only $9.95. Does anyone want one? I have ten of these things to give away, so I'll send a coupon to the first ten people who comment to ask. Please mention which journal you want upgraded, if it's not the one you're commenting with, so I can send it direct.

In other news, I'm flying back up to Reno to spend a little over a week with my mom for Christmas, yay.

One funny thing -- about ten or twelve years ago, we were at Mom's for Christmas and a family friend named Linda was supposed to come over. So I got her a couple of glass candle holders as a gift; they were popular at the time, with a narrow well in the middle you filled with water and then floated a taper in, the idea being that as it burned down, it'd get lighter and float higher in the water, keeping the flame at about the same level. I thought they were pretty, so anyway.

Well, Linda didn't come after all, so I had these two candles in boxes like twenty inches long by six square, which I took home. I figured I'd use them or something, so when I got home I unwrapped them and stuck them on top of a bookcase. We're not really into decorative stuff, though, so I never did use them, and they've been sitting there ever since, collecting dust on their boxes. We've been trying to figure out what to do with them recently, with the move coming up and all.

Then we got a note from Mom a couple of days ago, saying that her friend Linda's going to be coming up for Christmas. :D Hey, I've got a present for her already! LOL! Too bad I unwrapped them back then....


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