AngiePen (angiepen) wrote,

It's Started :(

I knew it would. I guess I was hoping it wouldn't, but it did, and I'm sighing a lot.

I'm referring of course to the "OMG my OTP is destroyed and I'm so depressed!!!" type responses to Orlando and Miranda's marriage. We all knew it'd happen, right? :/

First, a caveat -- I started writing the main body of this post as a comment to someone's fic. It was nobody I knew, and I'm a couple of days behind on my Flist, so if someone I know posted a story or a discussion or whatever to which this might apply in the last couple of days, I'm not talking about you specifically. I couldn't say what I wanted to say without getting a bit sharper than is appropriate in a comment to someone's fic, though, especially someone I don't know. So I lifted it out and I'm posting it here. Although I guess we can consider this an "If the shoe fits" sort of statement. So.

To the People Lapsing Into a Decline Over Orlando's Marriage:

All I can say to that is, seriously? You're really and truly depressed or upset because some celebrity got married? Let's bring some reality into the situation.

All the slashy stories are fantasy. It's fiction and it always has been. It's a great fantasy, don't get me wrong -- I've written plenty of Orlando/Whoever verbage myself, and I have an Orlando/Liam novel on hiatus at the moment which I still pull out and work on around other projects, and I have no intention of packing it in. The fact that all this is a fantasy means there's no reason to stop just because realspace!Orlando is married now. But getting depressed because of that marriage is just... I don't even know what word to use without being horribly offensive.

Orlando and Miranda have looked happy together since they started hanging out, and from what I can tell (based on incredibly scarce data, because they've protected their privacy, as they should) they seem to be good for one another. She seems like a perfectly nice young woman, he's a cool guy, and there's every reason to think they'll have a happy marriage. I hope they're together for the next sixty years and have fifty great-grandchildren. Be happy for him, then go back and write your slashy smut. Enjoy your fantasies, and let Orlando enjoy his reality.

And if we're his fans and claim to be all into him and support him, it seems to me that should extend to supporting his choices and his right to make his own decisions about his own life. Sure, he'll make some mistakes. But nobody who isn't a close friend or family member has enough information to ever say that this choice or that choice is a bad one until the actual crashing and burning. I see neither crashing nor burning, nor even any wobbles, in his relationship with Miranda. If Orlando's happy with her, as he must be to have actually gotten married, then I for one support him and wish the both of them many years of joy.

And seriously, do you for one second imagine that Orlando himself would be at all pleased or happy to hear that some supposed fan of his thinks he made a horrible mistake in marrying the woman he loves? Take a minute and imagine what Orlando would likely say about that, if he heard. (Which I hope he never does.) Because that's got to be a sure-fire way of getting your adored idol to like and appreciate you, by dissing his brand new wife. [smirk]

We say we love Orlando. Let's show we respect him as well.


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