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Holy sheep, for a while there I thought I'd never get through it! [beam] I just got to a point, like breaking a logjam, where it all flowed from there, it was almost like October of '08, when I started this thing and wrote 40K in two weeks. Wow, that was two years ago!

So it's done. It's 39 chapters long, and 89,536 words. That's not counting "Turf Battles," by the way -- only the main novel. "Turf Battles" would add another 17,494 words, for a total of 107,030 words. Whoa. [stares at number for a while]

What I'm going to do now (after going to bed) is read over the chapters I still have to post (33-39) and apply sandpaper as needed. That shouldn't take more than a day or two. So on Monday or Tuesday I'll start posting, and I'll post a chapter a day until the whole thing's up; it'll take one week. And then we'll be done, OMG! :D

If you need to refresh your memory [cough] the first chapter is here, and the last posted chapter (32) is here. All the chapters link through to previous and next, and each chapter has all the previous chapters linked in the header, so however you prefer to read.

I want to thank everyone who's been reading, and especially everyone who's commented, for your wonderful support and saintly patience. I love this story and I've loved sharing it with you all, and I love this verse, so thanks as well to poisontaster for letting us play in her sandbox. You're all awesome. :)

See you again in a day or two. [wave]


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