AngiePen (angiepen) wrote,

Orlando Sighting :D

Okay, not quite, but at least a mention.

Howard Taylor does Schlock Mercenary, the best SF web comic I've run into. He also does movie reviews, and today he posted one about the new Three Musketeers movie. He mentioned Orlando in a way I thought people over here would get a kick out of:

I did have some complaints. This movie only has one Orlando Bloom in it, but it needed three, or maybe four. In fact, it looked like at least two of the non-Orlando-Bloom swashbuckling, slender, dark-haired men were trying really hard to BE Orlando Bloom -- weird, since he's already in the movie.

LOL! Maybe we could get a petition going, asking for an All-Orlando version of Three Musketeers? I'll bet Howard would sign it! Or maybe not. But plenty of folks around here would, yes? :D


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