AngiePen (angiepen) wrote,

Some Black Humor, and a Note

Two things today. First, apparently Sony (remember them?) committed a copyright violation in developing their, ummm, copyright protection software. [giggling facepalm] I'm sorry, but that's just hilarious. Check this out. They used open-source software in several components of the DRM code, without identifying it as such. If you use open-source code you're supposed to say so, and if the open-source code is an integral part of your software, then your software too is supposed to be open-source. Sony's DRM utility is neither open-source, nor identified as containing code from an open-source project. Oops! :D

Second, I'm taking off early tomorrow morning to go to my mom's for Thanksgiving. I'll be around some, but how much depends on how much holiday-type stuff she wants to do, so if I don't comment on something you've posted until after the 28th (when I get home) that's why.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone celebrating it. :) [wave]

Tags: fun, issues, travel

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