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Fourteen Year Old Girl Needs Help Desperately

Marlie Caseus is a fourteen year old girl from Haiti who suffers from a disease called Polyostotic Fibrous Dysplasia. It affects the bones, and a tumor-like growth has very severely deformed her face. It affects her ability to eat and breathe, to say nothing of the sheer horror of having to live with something like this. A charitable group arranged for her to be brought to the US for treatment, which is vital right now because doctors say the disease is threatening her eyesight.

The links below are to a news article about Marlie, and to the International Kids Fund, based at the hospital where she's being treated. They estimate they need $95,000 to complete her treatment and the surgeries she needs, even with her doctors donating their time. If you can help, please do. This is horrible, and I don't shock easily. :(

Associated Press article, from MSNBC

International Kids Fund, Marlie's page
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