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OK, so Jim and I are up in San Jose at BayCon and we're having a great time. :) I saw this lady who came as a Sim -- she had a white plastic diamond-thingy bobbing over her head on a wire thingy, and it was rigged to slowly cycle from bright green to bright red and back again. So cool, LOL! Unfortunately I didn't have my camera on me when I saw her but I did get a couple of pics of these two people who did totally cool costumes for the Masquerade. :D You know the specialty toys you can get with Legos, for stuff like pirates and knights and Harry Potter? And Star Wars? [snicker] Well, these two people came as Lego Qui-Gon and Lego Darth Maul! It's so cool! They even had the plastic grabber hands and everything! Hehehe!

Lego Qui-Gon and Darth Maul

They played the music and came out at the Masquerade and did some light-saber fighting, then suddenly they stopped. Lego-Darth reached out and ran his plastic grabber hand down Qui-Gon's cheek, then they wrapped their arms around each other (as much as they could reach) and kissed! Yay, slash! [giggling facepalm] And yes, Darth Maul's lightsaber is double ended, it's just hard to tell 'cause the bottom end's sort of hard to see against his black cape.

Anyway, the Masquerade started late, by like over an hour, but there was some pretty cool stuff. One group came out as a bunch of people from Babylon 5 (which was particularly appropriate since Stephen Furst is a special guest this year) with a guy playing Londo Molare, a guy playing Vir, a lady playing Delenn and a couple of random Centauri guys and a random Centauri lady. They did a few seconds of skit and then the Vir started singing -- "Molare" to the tune of "Volare" [more giggling facepalm] "Molare, whooa-oaah! He's Centauri! Whoa-oa-oa-oa-ooooah!" with Molare bellowing, "Please, stop!" and then later bellowing to the audience, "Please shoot me!" :P They had three verses and it was pretty funny.

There were some other great costumes too, but the judges took for-friggin'-ever to make their decisions. Finally at a few minutes till eleven we took off so I could feed the spousal unit before he imploded on me. I'll read who won what in tomorrow morning's newsletter. But because we were in the room waiting for so long I didn't get any pictures except this one, and this only 'cause these two guys happened to walk past the coffee shop some time after midnight and I hopped up and dashed over and they were nice enough to pose for me. Sunday's not usually much of a costume day but I'll remember to bring my camera when I leave the room in the morning, which I didn't today [headdesk] and see what I can get.

We went to Stephen Furst's talk this morning and he told some funny stories. My favorite is about how he got the role of Vir. He wasn't into SF, had never done a science fiction show before, and hadn't seen the Babylon 5 pilot movie. He got this call from his agent saying, "We've got this audition for you to go to." He said, "Sci-fi? Umm, OK, sure, why not?" and went. So he gets there and the room is full of chunky guys with their hair all standing up tall and he's thinking, OK, I'm missing something here, I'd better get with the program.

So he goes into the bathroom and gets some liquid soap from the dispensers and uses that to try to get his hair to do the Centauri thing, except it's not working at all and pretty soon it's a total mess. Then it drips down and gets into his eye, so he's squinting and his eye is burning and tearing and he's splashing water on his face trying to get the soap out of his eye and everything's a complete disaster and right then is when he hears them call his name. :D

So he goes in and there's Strazynski and a bunch of producers and network people and he's thinking, OK, this is just terrible and I owe them an explanation. So he says, "I'm really sorry but I've never seen the show and I was trying to use the liquid soap to get my hair to stand up and it didn't work and some got in my eye and I was trying to wash it out and that's why I'm all wet and--"

And they all looked at each other and said, "My god, it's Vir!" LOL! So he got the part and he never had to actually read for them -- they just sent everyone else home and Stephen got to be Vir. Hehehe!

Oh, I also got a T-shirt that says, "English doesn't borrow from other languages. It follows them into dark alleys, beats them up and goes through their pockets looking for spare grammar." [snicker] I think that's going to be my YM status message for a while, once I get back home and have time to chat again. :D

Anyway, having a great time, wish you were all here. [hugz/wave]

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