AngiePen (angiepen) wrote,

I Have Succumbed.... :P

I always swore I'd never do one of these things, but I ran across this while browsing through a friend's Flist (tickles Jess) and it looked just crazy enough to be fun. :D Check out the grid and see if you can get through it without having bunnies with blown pupils and wasted-staggering hops start multiplying under your desk. [snicker]

001.Genderswap. 002.Transformation (animals). 003.Transformation (inanimate).
004.Wings. 005.Tentacles! 006.Mpreg.
007.High School AU. 008.Apocalypse Now. 009.Supernatural (creatures).
010.Supernatural (powers). 011.Fantasy AU (traditional). 012.Fantasy AU (urban).
013.Fuck or Die. 014.Pornstars. 015.Hookers.
016.You see, I woke up gay. 017.Trading Places. 018.Forced Union.
019.Timeshift. 020.Aliens. 021.Doppelganger.
022.Twins/Non-Canon Siblings. 023.Out Of Time. 024.Slaves.
025.Media Crossover. 026.Spies and Agents. 027.OMG we forgot ____.

And the best part is you don't have to commit to writing every darned story about the same character or pair of characters, yay! If this looks whacked enough to be interesting, check out the wtf27 info page here. :D
Tags: fanfic, wtf27

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