AngiePen (angiepen) wrote,

Home and Away Again

Hi all. [wave] I got home last night and my mom's doing much better. I was feeding her small but increasing amounts of meat over the last few days, which is a pretty good test of how well one's intestinal tract is doing. She was fine and she's feeling a lot better, much more active than she was when I first got there, so I came home. And just in time, too, since Jim and I are leaving for WorldCon this afternoon. [laugh/flail] The laptop's going with me but I'll be semi-out-of-touch for almost a week again, just checking in a couple of times a day.

If anyone else is going to WorldCon maybe we could meet up? I know I should've mentioned this before, but I just thought of it. :( I'll try to take more costume pics than I did at BayCon and get stuff posted for you. Later all! [wave]

Tags: personal, travel

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