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Wednesday, June 9th, 2004

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A Great Rant Rec
This is a rec of a rec, actually,  by qowf through cleolinda.  Qowf had a fairly miserable experience seeing both Troy and Prisoner of Azkaban, courtesy [cough] of gaggles of fangirls who seemed to think they were the only ones who'd paid for their tickets.  I'm sure we've all had experiences like this -- I know I have -- and Qowf said everything I've ever wanted to say, only phrased better.

We're also trying to spread this around in the hope that her fangirls (who, from their conversation, everyone in the theater was aware were Active Fans, making me want to hide my own head in shame) will stumble across it, recognize themselves, and maybe get a friggin' clue.  :/  It's unlikely, but we can hope, so please feel free to rec this in your own journal if the urge strikes.  Anyway, this is great.  Read it.

Fangirl Rant

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