September 15th, 2005

AdultObie Raven

Heading Off....

It's cruise time again and we're due to leave for the airport in about an hour. Since I still have to get dressed and pack, this is going to be short. :D

I have a laptop this time so I won't be quite as cut off as I was before, although connect time on shipboard is still $$/minute so I'll probably fall behind on my Flist again. And I can't get at my e-mail notifications for comment replies, although I'll be checking my journal here for comments regularly. I owe some folks some things [duck] and will be taking files along to work on while I'm gone; I hope to get a few things posted/e-mailed while I'm away. [crossed fingers]

I should be back home on the 27th. Everyone stay well till then and think warm thoughts for me while I'm in Alaska. :P