March 13th, 2007

AdultObie Raven

[Wave] From Florence!

Travel and First Day Wandering

Hi, all. We're here and alive, although somewhat the worse for wear. From leaving home in Long Beach to getting to our hotel in Florence, we were travelling for about nineteen hours and I'm definitely not looking forward to doing it in reverse on the 20th. I'm both unusually tall and unusually fat, so airline seats fail to fit me in two dimensions, yay. I'll give Lufthansa props for having great in-flight service, though; we got two meals, both of which were quite good, and they came around every hour or two with drinks. Even on the one hour hop from Munich to Florence they served a light meal -- a cheese sandwich (which is nothing like most Americans think of when they hear "cheese sandwich") and a candy bar and a drink.

We got to The City hotel and just dropped, absolutely exhausted, and slept late this morning, missing breakfast. (Hotels here tend to include breakfast in the cost of your room.) Our room is very nice, a decent size and with interesting furniture, not at all like the stuff in American chain hotels that looks like it was all ordered out of the same factory catalog. There's free in-room wireless, although you need a password and we didn't get that until we came back in a bit ago, which is why I wasn't online last night; I probably would've at least for a bit, but the thought of going downstairs to get the password didn't appeal at all. [groan] My feet are ready to go home right now so I'm sort of indulging them. :)

We went out today and just walked around the neighborhood. The hotel is right in the middle of everything, near a street market with a lot of great merchandise. There's a lot of leather here, both in shops and for sale in the market stalls -- jackets and coats and bags and shoes and whatever all else. Also a lot of clothing, with some really gorgeous outerwear. I saw some beautiful knitted shawls and wraps and ponchos. There are also a lot of accessory type items, jewelry and hair thingies and scarves and such. Plus the usual tourist stuff, shirts that say Florence or Firenze or whatever -- I saw a T-shirt stall with a shirt that had Bill the Cat in his really strung-out pose that usually says "Ack!" or something like that, but this one said, "Ciao, baby!" LOL!

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