March 16th, 2007

AdultObie Raven

Florence 3.0

First I have a question -- I finally got a bunch of pics uploaded to Photobucket, but there are a bunch of 'em and they're pretty big. How do I post clickable thumbnails here that take people to the picture in Photobucket, so I don't swamp anyone with a post that has several megs of photos in it? [flail] I checked the FAQ and it only said how to post pics directly to the entry, which I know how to do. Help?

Yesterday we went to the Uffizi gallery. On the way we passed this really cool building and I took pictures. I have no idea what it was but it had a beautiful facade with lovely stonework and some statues and such. The gallery itself is on the Piazza della Signoria, where the Palazzo Vecchio is (they're pretty much next door to each other, across a street) and we were early so we went over to one side where they have a raised and covered area, open on two sides, full of statues. Took more pictures, although there was just a central directory plaque with a sort of a map on it saying what was what, in Italian, so most of the statues I don't have names for. They're cool anyway. :) The statue of David (well, a copy anyway) is across the way in front of the entrance to the Palazzo Vecchio; I got pics of that as well.

The gallery was really wonderful but if you ever go, definitely get reservations. It costs a bit extra but it's worth it. They only let 600 people in at a time, sort of like a club where some people have to leave before new people are let in. This is great while you're there but the lines are long and move irregularly. The reservation line is much shorter. You have to go through a metal detector but it's not set ultra-sensitive. Large bags have to be checked, but I was able to bring my tote bag in and I've always considered it largish, so I don't know what their lower limit is. Be aware of the possibility, though, if you have a really huge bag or a backpack or something. Also, the Uffizi allows no photography at all inside.

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