March 18th, 2007

AdultObie Raven

Florence 4.0

OK, I really should have pictures with this one but I haven't gotten around to uploading the ones we took yesterday so we'll have to settle for babbling and more pics later. I'll probably keep doing the two parallel tracks, illustrated and non, just because I started posting pics late. Sowwy. Next time I travel I'll do it all together, now that I know how.

Anyway, yesterday we went to Palazzo Pitti. It's this huge stone building originally built by the Pitti family but later taken over by the Medici 'cause it's just that cool. It's on the far side of the Arno and they decided they wanted a way of getting from the Uffizi (where they'd hung out before) directly to the Pitti, without, like, having to get wet if it was raining or having the commoners staring at them or whatever. :P So they build the Vasari Walk, which is this elevated corridor, completely enclosed, from one palazzo to the other. You can see it go by as you walk along the route, between buildings and across the Ponte Vecchio, and I have some pics of it in various places. It's funny, though -- over by the bridge this one family refused to sell their towers so they couldn't build the walk straight through and it takes this jog around, like a gofer going around a pole. :) I have a pic of that -- will post later.

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