May 25th, 2007

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Ain't Fannish Politics Lovely?

OK, this has to do with BayCon. Long before I was involved with fanfic fandom, I was working SF conventions. I gofered at the first BayCon, rose through the staff and chaired in '88 and '89, and was on the Board of Directors for a number of years. So far as I know, hardly anyone who goes to BayCon is on my Flist, but I need to rant so here I go.

First, I'm posting as myself, not representing anyone or anything. I haven't worked BayCon in several years, and haven't had any contact with anyone on the current BayCon staff or Board or with anyone associated with Artistic Solutions (BayCon's parent corporation) since last year's convention.

The following post went up on baycon a little after one this morning:

John McLaughlin, BayCon's first Chairman, will not be able to attend BayCon's silver anniversary celebration.

Despite the fact that his contact information has remained identical for almost the last twenty years, nobody sent him any sort of invitation or other notice about this event by any perceivable means of communication until about two weeks ago, and by then it was too late, as we have made other plans for Memorial Day Weekend.

We hope everybody has a wonderful time at this event.

Thank you --

Brin-Marie McLaughlin

Brin is John's wife.

In response to this rather public flounce, I have a few things to point out.

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