May 27th, 2007

FanLib YouWrite -- Angelofsnow

Audience and Priorities

or, Why FanLib Really Doesn't Care About Us

I typed up a response to dustyasymptotes's comment on my last FanLib post, but it was too long for one comment -- and besides I thought some other folks might like to see it too -- so I'm putting it here as its own post.

I mentioned a while back, in a few comments in some journals the names of which I've forgotten in all the uproar, that IMO the intended audience, once FanLib really gets going, is going to be that really huge body of fans who watch the TV shows and movies, and read the books and comics, but haven't yet gotten actively involved in fandom. That is, people who might say, "Yes, I'm a Firefly fan," but who've never been to a convention, never made a costume or maybe not even seen a fan-made costume, never made or seen a fanvid, never joined a fan club, never drawn or painted or seen a piece of fan art, never made or seen a fan-made prop, never written or read fanfic -- someone who likes the original source material, maybe quite a lot, but has never gotten actively involved with other fans doing fannish activities beyond some friends going to see a movie together on opening day.

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