August 28th, 2007

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A Book and a Library

I just got my copy of arieltachna's A Summer Place in the mail, yay! I'm going to set aside the [mumble] other books I was working on and read it this evening, because the buzz around the Slashy Retreat was that the extra verbage added for publication was Incredibly Cool. The story was pretty cool anyway when it was Viggo/Orlando fanfic, so the addition should make it pretty damn stellar.

After opening the mail I dashed right upstairs to add it (and another book I got as well) to my LibraryThing collection. I saw LibraryThing displays on a couple of blogs within the last few days and poked around and decided to try it 'cause it looks pretty cool. What it is, is an online database for cataloguing your personal library.

You create an account and enter your books -- I usually go for titles, or if that turns up too many alternatives then I go for the ISBN, which is foolproof but finickier to enter -- to build your online library. You can have a free trial account which lets you enter up to 200 books, then if you like it and want to keep going you can pay $10/year for an account of unlimited size, or $25 for an unlimited lifetime account.

Anyway, so you're entering your books, by title or ISBN. The site has links to a bunch of book databases, with and the Library of Congress right there as possible defaults, and eighty-two other options from around the world available if those fail you. (I already have the Biblioteca de Castilla y Leon added to my default list, from when both Amazon and the LoC failed to bring up a Spanish-language book on pre-Columbian Meso-American archaeology I got in Mexico.) Most books will come up, though, on just an Amazon search so when you enter the title it brings up the Amazon (or whatever) info on all the editions of that book.

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