October 4th, 2007

Eric Color -- mine

Remix of "Soap"

The LOTRiPS Remix fest stories are up and the remix of Soap is hilarious! I don't know who did it yet -- I'll add that info to this post when the writers are revealed -- but whoever it is made me ROFL all the way through. I don't know whether the person who wrote it knows me well enough to know my views on LJ's recent asshaberdashery or if the strong theme of parody in the story is purely coincidental, but either way it rocks. Go read it, now, shoo! :D

[ETA: the author was feelforfaith! She did a great job and I heart her. :D /EDIT]

Nazgulls -- Sylvantes

A Funny

Sorry for spamming but I had to pass something on. [grin] This woman sold a package of Pokemon cards on eBay. Her kids snuck it into the cart while they were grocery shopping; she didn't notice until they got home and didn't want to let the sneaky little buggers keep them. Her write-up explaining exactly how she came to have the cards is hilarious -- grocery shopping, six young children, the mind boggles -- and people started passing the link around. She ended up getting over a hundred and forty dollars for this stupid pack of cards, LOL! Go read her entry and have a laugh. :D