October 12th, 2007

Hardanger -- mine

African Bead and Wire Art

OK, this is really awesome. Apparently wire art is very popular in South Africa -- a lot of the artists mentioned in this piece do this for a living, although not usually on this scale -- so they put on an exhibition called This Is My Capetown to showcase local artists. The main article is very short, but if you click through the images, each one has a brief description of an artist and his sculpture.

Definitely check out the third one -- it's a larger-than-life sculpture of Nelson Mandela made of chicken wire. I was all O_O because it looks like him! I mean, seriously, chicken wire! The man who made it, Masimba Jefta Mwazha, "dreams of being acknowledged as the chicken-mesh wire genius of the world." I'd vote for him, definitely.

This is great stuff -- check it out.