October 31st, 2007

Library -- BunnyMcFoo

"Spirit" Coming Down

I submitted "Spirit of Vengeance" to Torquere and they accepted it. :) I just e-mailed the edits back to my editor and the story's currently scheduled to be released on 1 December. I'll be taking the fanfic version offline on Saturday, 3 November, so grab a copy if you want the Viggo/Orlando release. I don't mind if you share the file via e-mail once the fanfic version is down, but as with "Learning" I request you do so discreetly. Thanks!

[ETA: rescheduled for 8 December. Will post when it's released. :) /EDIT]

Halloween Sip -- mine

Chasing Fear

Torquere is doing a blitz of short stories especially for Halloween. Mine is called Chasing Fear. Anyone who can guess which universe it's set in gets a virtual cookie. :)

Emilio loves Martin with everything he has, but he's still scared to go out and be openly gay, especially with the way his family reacted to the news. Martin just wants to go out and have a good time, so he pushes Emilio's limits to the breaking point. Emilio figures having a Greenman for a lover has its dangers, especially when it comes to going on a date in the great outdoors. Can he and Martin learn to see eye to eye?


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