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Tuesday, November 13th, 2007

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More Awesome...
...today, but a different sort. :) Agent Kristin posted this over on Pub Rants. It has nothing to do with publishing, but everything to do with people's dreams coming true. This dorky-looking guy sells mobile phones, but he'd always dreamed of singing opera. He went on Britain's Got Talent and blew everyone away. Seeing Simon Cowell sitting there with his mouth hanging open sort of says it all.

I'm not really an opera fan, but this guy has a really magnificent voice. The judges were amazed, the audience went nuts. It's really short -- go listen. :D

He made it, too -- he's singing opera now and looks very fine in a tux. His web site is here.

I've never actually watched this show, or American Idol or any of the other talent searches, but if this is what comes out of them, even just occasionally, then they're definitely not a waste of bandwidth. Follow the links and watch someone's life change.


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