January 18th, 2008

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Tutorial: Posting and Linking

Last spring, someone in one of the fic coms where I hang out asked how to write and post a story. I wrote up a tutorial thingy on how to do it, explaining some HTML and links and cuts, some formatting, etc. I've linked back to it a few times now and I'm getting tired of hunting for it every time :P so I'm going to post it here. If anyone else wants to link to it, that's cool, but it's mainly here for me to point to whenever the question comes up with a new writer. :)


Hi and welcome! The mechanics of posting are a lot easier (and shorter) to talk about than actual writing help. If you'd like to talk about the writing itself, let me know and we can get into it (probably in e-mail) but for now I'm going to assume you want to know about posting stories to LJ. :)

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