January 27th, 2008

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Writing Meme

Gacked from doylebaby.

Ideas. Where the hell do they come from? Can you make those little devils show up?

Depends. I get bazillions of ideas, but developing them into stories can be another thing entirely. An "idea" doesn't make a story, although it can be the seed for one. Figuring out how to develop the idea, poke it and twist it and maybe combine it with another idea or three, is the hard part for me, on a pre-writing level.

Although sometimes something just appears in my brain suddenly and I can sit down and bang something out. I love those. :)

Ideas can come from anywhere -- TV or movies, pictures, sayings, warnings. Sometimes I'll dream something that can be developed into a story. Fic challenges and prompts. Writers' guidelines -- sometimes seeing what someone (whether it's someone describing their "squicks" or a magazine describing its requirements) doesn't want can get me thinking. :D Sometimes I'll just get a sexy or funny image in my head and I have to figure out how to work it into a story.

Wild horse-bunnies. When a story just gets pulled right out of you. Do you get them?

Occasionally. Not often enough. :P

Writer's block. Have you been scourged?

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Library -- BunnyMcFoo

Poll About Sex and Fanfic and Readership

This question came up in the comments to a writing meme I did. fiesty_red and I were wondering how many writers add or have ever added sex to a fic when they didn't really want to, just because they thought that's what readers wanted or that they'd lose readers if they didn't write sex. It's an interesting question so I decided to collect some data.

Note: the poll is only concerned with fanfics where there could be sex. That is, fics where there's a pairing (or trio or whatever) or a romance or something, and at least a potential for sex, even if it's not shown or mentioned. Fics which are further (non-sexual or erotic) adventures or new episodes or otherwise not at all concerned with sex or romance don't count.

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