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The Write Place
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Monday, May 19th, 2008

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Coming Back
All right, for whatever reason, right now at 4am I decided to take a deep breath and do my Flist. LJ's letting me go back to 5 May, or at least to somewhere in the middle of 5 May. I know that's nowhere near far enough; I don't remember when the last time I read my Flist was, but I'm pretty sure it was nowhere near May. So.

I'll be weeding pretty brutally, but there were a bunch of stories I was in the middle of that I definitely want to catch up with. If I run into Chapter 62 of something I remember reading, I'll back up to Chapter 37 (or wherever) and try to catch up, or at least bookmark Ch. 37 so I know where I was and can get back to it.

For stories that've wrapped in the last... couple of months? Something like that. I'll just have to... I dunno, I'll think of something.

Since I'll be cross-posting this, I'm doing LJ first, since it's the biggest hill to climb by several orders of magnitude, then I'll tackle IJ and JF. I imagine I'll be at this for a while, but I'm getting going. :)


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