January 1st, 2009

AdultObie Raven

Wow, New Year....

Where the heck did 2008 go? Not that I miss it or anything :P but it seems like it was New Year just a few weeks ago, or maybe a couple of months. Weird.

I'll be posting my 2008 Fic Roundup thing in about a week, after the slashababy writers are revealed. 'Cause I had this huge, nine-month writer's block for the most of the year and if I can't include my Slashababy fic that'll be, like, a quarter of my '08 fic output missing. [wry smile] Okay, not wordcount-wise, but storycount-wise. Yuck.

Oh, and almostnever wrote Make the Man for me -- go read it! :D It's a fun little Viggo/Orlando thing, with Viggo in some truly horrible clothes. [grin] [Edited to add writer's name.]

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