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Saturday, January 3rd, 2009

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Release -- In the Driver's Seat
I just had a new short story released, In the Driver's Seat. :)


Brian is used to being in control in the bedroom, but somehow he's found himself without anyone to play with. Then he runs into recently-returned -- and surprisingly grown-up -- Val, who he knew years before as a cute high-school kid. Val's not a high-school kid anymore, though, and there's an air about him that says he's been around and has had a few lessons in the bedroom.
Brian's eager to provide some advanced schooling, but his assumptions end up getting him into trouble. To his own surprise, he finds it's a kind of trouble he's not all that eager to escape.


Brian Stokes gave a rueful wave to his sometime fuck-buddy, Tom, who was being dragged out the door of the Banner Street Gym -- and without even a chance to shower -- by his new boyfriend, Alan or Alex or Aaron or something like that. Brian blew a kiss to Tom's slightly hunched and retreating back, flipped the bird at the evil glare whatever-his-name was aiming at Brian over his shoulder, then stepped over to the desk with a pitiful sigh and started sorting through the box of member cards, looking for his own workout record.

Kelsie, the desk clerk, gave him a look of exaggerated pity, all puppy eyes and trembling lower lip, then dropped the act and giggled at him. "What's the matter, Bri? Left dating your hand again?"

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