January 28th, 2009

GetFuzzy Toss -- MadMarty

Racism, Cultural Appropriation, and Completely Missing the Point

A white writer who's apparently been watching the fall-out from the Cultural Appropriation Discussion of Doom* which has been sweeping across the internets and somehow managed to miss the most important parts, posts here.

I love how he states up front that there are Two Sides To The Issue (look, Ma! I'm being fair!) but then only snarks at one side. Smooth.

Aside from that, though, what I see as a white writer who in all honestly has been there up until a very few years ago, is that this guy and others like him are seeing this:

1) White Writer Writes Story About COC

2) POC Tear Out White Writer's Eyeballs

He's seeing only the most obvious, shallowest layer of the interaction. Or looked at another way, he's seeing only the loudest, brightest bits of the interaction. Either way, he's missing the (slightly) quieter bits that happened in between those two events. Actually, it looked like this:

1) White Writer Writes Story About COC

2) POC Calmly Offer Concrit, Pointing Out Some Racist Issues

3) White Writer Acknowledges Error, Thanks POC and Apologizes

4) White Writer's Friends Interpret The POC's Statement As Telling Their Friend "You Are A Filthy Racist!!!" And Respond In Writer's Defense With Snarky Chainsaws And Racist Flamethrowers

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