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Trying to "Cure" Gays??

I'm going to have to get a thesaurus one of these days and come up with another way of saying, "That's outrageous!" 'cause I find myself saying it more and more often. Now, my general opinion of PETA is that they're a bunch of hypocritical whack-jobs, but they're good at digging up dirt, and this time they've found a good one.

Help Stop Cruel and Pointless 'Gay Sheep' Experiments

The gist here is that some researchers are experimenting on gay rams to try to figure out what makes them gay, with the eventual purpose of "curing" them somehow; they're experimenting with hormones at this point. This had me blinking anyway, because what's the point of it? I mean, it's not as though sheep farmers require a one-to-one ratio of (straight) rams to ewes to keep the flock going. They only need a few males and habitually slaughter excess boy lambs anyway; that's where lambchops and such come from.

But then they said, "Roselli has made it very clear that he intends to use the findings of his experiments to “cure” humans next." That hit my "What the FUCK??" button. I mean, seriously, even if this guy is some sort of radical right-wing whatever, does he really have no clue at all what sort of a political shitstorm this would raise? Does he really think that gay people would line up to be "cured?" Good grief.... [headdesk] Or maybe he's so buried in academia that he hasn't thought about the wider implications of his research, in which case, damn, this guy needs a keeper.

Maybe I just have an overactive imagination, but I can think of all sorts of scenarios to follow from this if the guy succeeds and not many of them are anywhere close to good. :(

ETA: Another article -- Out of the Closet: ‘Gay Sheep’ Experiments Exposed>

This one has a much better mechanism for sending e-mails. The PETA page has a pre-written letter that you just click a few things to send. It says to edit but you know most people won't. (It also looks like it'll automatically sign you up for their mailing list.) The site has e-mail addresses for the President of Oregon State University and the President-Elect of Oregon Health and Science University, with simple mail-to buttons. If you're going to send e-mail to one or both of these guys, I strongly suggest you write your own letter.

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