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Update on the "Gay Cure" [snarl]

All right, I've never thought much of PETA but right now I'm seriously pissed off. It turns out that the researchers who are supposedly looking for a way to "cure" gayness in sheep, with the goal of eventually extending the "cure" to humans, are doing nothing of the sort. Or rather, yes, they're examining the biological factors which cause some rams to be sexually oriented toward male sheep rather than female, but the accusation that they want to learn to "cure" gayness is something PETA just sort of dreamed up, in hopes of luring people to support their campaign against animal experiments in general. I was sucked in by their lies and distortions, and I'm pissed -- both at myself for believing them and at PETA for their tactics.

A commenter, unfortunately anonymous, on my previous post on the subject left me a link to a blog post by someone named "emptypockets" on the subject, with an interview with the researcher in question. What Dr. Roselli is actually doing sounds very interesting, but I'd like to particularly hilight this bit of the interview:

But, like I said, I didn't know Dr. Roselli -- so I asked him. I wrote, "Do you think homosexuality is something that can or should be 'cured'?" His reply: "No," he said. "And I find it appalling and offensive that PETA has suggested that I and my collaborators do."

If PETA can defend their claim that his intention is to cure homosexuality, I would like to see that. Because it is a damn nasty thing to say. And as far as I can tell, it is a bald-faced lie.

I encourage anyone interested to read the entire entry, here.

My thanks to the anonymous person who left this link; I appreciate being clued in when I've been taken for a ride. And a huge "Fuck off and die" to PETA. [sigh]
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