AngiePen (angiepen) wrote,

Going Away

I'm (trying to!) get ready to leave on vacation. A shuttle's coming at 4:30am to take the husband and me to the airport, to fly to Florida where we'll get on a cruise ship on Saturday. I really should be in bed already but.... Anyway, I'll be shutting down in a little while and will be online on a very limited basis until October 7th -- thirty cents per minute connect charges mean I'm going to fall way behind on my Flist and won't be posting comments as often to the stuff I do read 'cause typing takes a lot longer than reading. The good news is that after this trip we'll have enough cruises with Princess that starting next time I'll get free internet access, yay!

I'm going to leave the poll up the entire time, so get your friends to take it. :) I'll close it when I get home and then analyze the data and do a post discussing the results. There's already some data that surprises me and some I'm really happy about; both are good things. My goal is to come up with a write-up that'll help writers write better headers. And yeah, I have an ulterior motive -- I've seen a lot of poorly done (in my view) headers over the last months and I want to have an easier time finding good fics to read. I figure most readers want that so this should be useful.

Everyone take care and write good fics! [wave/hugz]

ETA Friday: Well, the Ft. Lauderdale airport has free wireless and I snuck in a couple of comment replies while waiting for baggage, but of course baggage showed up in like five minutes. I wish LAX, where baggage can take half an hour or forty-five minutes, would put in free wireless. :P

At the hotel now and internet is about ten bucks through tomorrow noon, yay. I'll be on for a while so long as I can keep my eyes open; three hours of sleep last night and none the night before means I'm kind of punchy. [blinkblinkyawn] We board the ship tomorrow and then I'll be rationing myself, internet-wise. :/


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