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Update to Everything....

Various stuff. First, I'm home, yay. [yawn, snooze....] I haven't been sleeping well and had a hideous flight home (I swear, if the flight had been an hour longer I'd have turned around and murdered every one of those damn kids sitting behind me) so I'm not quite as perky and ready to dive into stuff as I'd hoped. I'm getting through the list, though, just a bit more slowly.

1. Catch up with Flist.
2. Process the poll data.
3. Writing.
4. Unpacking, laundry, groceries, mundane stuff like that.
5. Trip post(s).

1. Catch up with Flist. I think I lost a few days there toward the beginning, but the airport at Ft. Lauderdale has free internet and I did a couple of pages yesterday while waiting to leave. This is my main priority now, though, 'cause it's just gonna get longer over time. Note, though, that I'm not going to be commenting much, but I am backing up as far as it'll let me and I'm reading.

2. Process the poll data. I set the poll to private since, guess what, you can't actually close an LJ poll. [blinkblink] My heartfelt thanks to the 223 people who voted, and especially to the folks who left comments and hung around to chat about a few things. :) We got some great data and I'm going to be sorting through it for a while. Once I'm done I'll re-open it so everyone can look at the results and if anyone wants to add their data afterwards that's fine, but I need things stable while I do the analysis.

3. Writing. I worked on a few things while I was away and got into the habit of working on my solo fiction at least some every day and I'm trying to keep up the momentum. I'm up around 13K words on the story I still owe from the last round of the LOTR FQF [facepalm] and determined to get that one done. I also started working on Hidden Magic again. The good news there is that I've hacked my way past that last roadblock and the bad news (sorta) is that I've decided not to post any more of it until it's finished. I really hate WIPs that take a long hiatus, to the point where you're wondering if there'll ever be any more of the story, and being responsible for one sucks about as much as being a reader wanting to know when there'll be moooooore!!! so rather than start up posting again right away and maybe have another block come up and smack me (and you all) a few chapters down the road, I'm just going to save it up. Next time you see anything from HM, it'll be because it's done and at that point I'll post on a regular basis until the whole thing's up. No idea when, but it is being worked on. Also getting seriously into a story project Raven and I were tossing back and forth; now that I'm home again we can actually get serious about it. :)

4. Unpacking, laundry, groceries, mundane stuff like that. Also, the DVR had like an hour and five minutes of free space when we got in last night so I'm going to have to include some heavyish TV watching in there; sucks but has to be done. :P

5. Trip post(s). I took a bazillion pictures and have plans to get some from each port posted, hopefully within the next week or so.

Anyway, it's great to be home, seriously. Something about the way the ship had its internet set up made it freeze on a regular basis, leaving whatever you had up sitting there on the monitor until the attendant got around to coming over to dig into the innards and restart the computer. Needless to say I didn't get much smut read. :/ I miss you all and I'm definitely looking forward to diving back in and catching up to whatever all's been going on. [wave/hugz]

Tags: blathering

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