AngiePen (angiepen) wrote,


OK, this is great -- The DM of the Rings is a comic about Lord of the Rings as a D&D campaign, using pics from the movies. Thanks to telesilla for the link!

They're still on Fellowship but I'm hoping they'll keep going all the way through the trilogy. The back-and-forthing between the players and the DM is a crack-up and will ring a lot of bells if you ever gamed, and will probably be funny even if you've never owned a set of weirdly-shaped dice. Aragorn asking if there's a whorehouse in Rivendell (no) and then hitting on Legolas, the party trudging up Caradhras while Legolas and Bormir discuss the pros and cons of upgrading Legolas's PHP to version 5.0, and the party's solution to the puzzle of getting the door to Moria open are my favorite bits so far. Make sure you read the GM's comments at the bottom of the comic. Give it a look. :D


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