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OMG I don't believe I did it!!! And an hour and a half before the deadline, LOL!

I went in expecting that I'd probably be able to do a large chunk of a novel but not the actual 50K words. I've just never been that fast a writer, except in very short chunks (like a day or two) right before a deadline. And then I hit a low patch in the middle of the month and didn't write a word for about ten days and I was sure there was no way I was going to make it, but I got back to writing again on the 22nd and a bit more on the 24th and then I really buckled down and did more than twenty thousand words in six days. O_O Holy sheep!

Thanks to my husband, Jim, for being extremely tolerant all month. :) And to Raven for not laughing at me too much and for breaking down and joining NaNo when I pointed out that she had a fanfic she'd started on November 2nd that was getting pretty long, even if the brat did finish on the 25th, two days after she joined. [muttergrumbletickle!] It's cool, though -- read it here.

And thanks to aleathiel for being a great NaNo buddy. Having someone doing the same thing with me, talking and commenting back and forth helped more than I can say and kept me going when I was sure I was never going to make it. Thanks and hugz, hon. {{{{}}}}

Tags: nanowrimo, original fiction, writing

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