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2006 Fiction Round-Up

'Cause all the cool kids are doing it and besides I'm curious and if I'm going to add it all up anyway I might as well post it, right? :)

Note that I'm not adding up all the fic I wrote for RPGs, 'cause I really don't want to go through every post and figure out what I wrote vs. what my writing partner(s) wrote. Just... no. [laugh/flail]

March -- Menagerie, 17,222 words. This one definitely turned out longer than I'd originally intended, but it was a tough prompt and it took lot of verbage to do justice to it and not have it fall into crack!fic hell. I was sort of wondering how this one would be received, 'cause it's problematic for a few reasons. First, it's not a romance so there's no "pairing" listed in the header. Harry and Karl are together throughout the story, and by the end there are a couple of trios who are sort of tending toward each other, but I was afraid that if I put "Harry/Karl, Harry/Karl/Craig, Viggo/Orlando/Bean" in the header, people would go in expecting certain things, you know? And that's not the kind of story this is so they'd end up disappointed and that's always bad. And second, what it is is the kind of story which is very dark and intense. There are some icky-realistic details in places and none of the sex-related scenes are for fun or meant to be titillating. There's a positive ending, yes, but it's a dark and scary road to get there. I got fewer comments on this one than I usually do, but the people who did read it and stuck through to the end and commented really liked it. That's what I was hoping for and I'm pleased with the response. I might write a sequel some day, since the recovery story could be interesting, but it's not actually on my To Write list at this point.

August -- In the Driver's Seat, 4283 words. This one was much more light-hearted than "Menagerie" and was a lot less stressful to write. Johnny thinks he's going to be able to teach Orlando a thing or two in bed and ends up on his back and definitely not in control. :) I like writing toppy!Orlando and seeing him from Johnny's POV was a lot of fun. It even turned actively funny about halfway through, which I completely didn't plan on -- the boys just started laughing and tickling and what are you going to do? [bemused smile]

October -- A Spirit of Vengeance, 16,925 words. This was another problematic fic. On the plus side, it's about one of the most popular pairings in LOTRiPS, but on the minus side, one of the guys is, well, dead. :P I'm not usually into romances where one of the pairing ends up dead, so I can understand that this kind of story doesn't have a huge audience, but the exception to that is ghost stories. I really like supernatural stories and ghost stories are particularly cool. But to have a ghost, someone has to be dead, right? As with "Menagerie," I got some fantastic comments despite the dark aspects. When someone says, "I don't usually read this kind of story but I read this one because you wrote it and I really liked it," I get all bouncy and grinning, seriously, because that's like the ultimate compliment anyone can pay a writer IMO. At the same time, though, I have to insert a mea culpa -- this story was horribly late. :( The person I wrote it for liked it a lot, though, so that's cool.

November -- angienano, 50,445. I won, I won, yay! :D This poor novel still doesn't have a title, and despite making the 50K goal I'm only somewhere between a third and half done with it. It's original fic, a gay romance with an SF setting -- no ray guns or space ships but it's set in the future and it's social SF more than nuts-and-bolts. I haven't written any original fiction since 2000, and I haven't written anything novel length in even longer, so this was a major getting-back-on-the-horse for me. I was frantically working on "Spirit of Vengeance" until October 30th so I started my NaNo story with only the vaguest idea of what I was going to write about; even the protag didn't have a name until I sat down to write on November 1st and had to come up with one. [facepalm] I'm amazed I wrote as much as I did, and that what's there is as coherent as it is. I'm letting it lie fallow for a while but I'm definitely planning to get back to it.

December -- When Stealth Fails, 3723 words. This was another fun story and had a couple of firsts. One, it's the first time I've written a three-way in solo fic, and two, it's the first time I've actually written kink in solo fic. Both of which are sort of strange, looking back at everything I've written in toto, but that's just how it worked out. [blinkblink] I was kind of nervous because the person I wrote this for is, like, the kink queen of RPS [laugh/flail] but she liked it so all is cool.

I worked on a bunch of other things, but I'm only counting stuff that actually got posted in 2006. "When Gift Tags Get Lost" was written right after "When Stealth Fails" but I couldn't post it until after the slashababy reveal, so it'll count for '07. And I'm up to Chunk Seventeen on "Hidden Magic," but as I've said before I'm not going to post any more of that until it's done, which is hopefully will be this year. Heck, hopefully it'll be done well before the end of the year. [crossed fingers] I also have a bunch of fragments that I pull out and play with periodically, particularly a Harry/Karl that I started for a memething I did back in 2005. [duck] I'm hoping to finish that one this year too.

Anyway, grand total: 92,598 words. Wow! It doesn't seem like that much when I just think back. Of course, most of it's NaNo but also I just tend to get wordy on individual stories. It'd probably "feel" like more if I'd written fifty little ficlets or something.

I wonder if I can double that for next year...? [ponder]
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