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What Gender Is Your Fiction?

OK, this is kinda cool. :) brainofck linked to it in her journal and I wandered over to try it out. You paste the text of a story (or whatever) into this thing and it uses an algorithm to try to determine whether the writer was male or female. And of course half the fun for a slash writer is trying to convince it you're male. ;)

Frenzy: MALE -- Female Score: 1313 / Male Score: 1448

Soap: MALE -- Female Score: 236 / Male Score: 338

Heat: FEMALE -- Female Score: 1017 /Male Score: 918

Bass-Ackwards: MALE -- Female Score: 1703 / Male Score: 2190
(Hah! And it was TWO women who wrote it! [beam])

Troubled Waters: FEMALE -- Female Score: 3419 /Male Score: 3540

Falling Free: FEMALE -- Female Score: 3748 / Male Score: 3228

When Stealth Fails: FEMALE -- Female Score: 4438 / Male Score: 4299

I'm not even testing my others because I'm pretty sure they'll come out female. [grin] I only ran the ones I thought had a shot at passing for male through and I did pretty well; even the ones that came out female were usually pretty close. It's interesting to look at the table of words they count and see which side a word is on and how it's weighted. Some of them have me going, "Merf?" but hey, I'm not a linguist so who knows? It's a fun toy anyway.

It's pretty interesting -- give it a shot here: The Gender Genie
Tags: fun, writing
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