AngiePen (angiepen) wrote,

Heading Off....

Just letting everyone know that the husband and I are leaving tonight on vacation. We're going to Florence (Whee!) and will be back on the 20th. I'm about to head for bed right now, then I'll wake up and scramble to do laundry and pack and shower and all, just 'cause that's how I always operate when I'm travelling. :P It's going to be a hellacious travel day, though -- like ten or eleven hours to... somewhere in Germany, I forget, and then change to another plane for an hour because for whatever reason there aren't any flights from the LA area direct to Florence. I've always wanted to go, though -- been a Medici fan since I was a teenager -- so it'll be worth it. :D

Our hotel is supposed to have wireless in the room so I'll be on via laptop, but probably not keeping up with my Flist. I'll check Gmail, though, so I'll be around, sort of. [wave]

Tags: personal, travel
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