AngiePen (angiepen) wrote,

Some Incredible Sculptures

Check out Kim Graham's sculpture page here. She's got some awesome pieces

Take a look at the troll -- it's huge! It looks like it's made of weathered wood (driftwood maybe?) and sort of reminds me of the Ents from the Rings movies. Actually, though, it's made with a wooden frame covered with cardboard, with tinfoil for detail areas like the face, then covered with paper mache and painted. [boggle] Check out the page with in-process pictures.

She works in clay as well, and does demo pieces at conventions while people watch her work. I actually saw this dragon at ConJose in 2002, although I was working the convention and only had time to dash through the art show late during the con, after she'd already finished it.

Great stuff. Seeing things like this, especially the in-process photos, or watching someone working live, always makes me wish I could sculpt. :)

Tags: cool stuff, fun

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