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BayCon is this weekend and Jim and I are going to be there. We're leaving very early Friday morning and will be back late-ish Tuesday night. I expect to have a great time while I'm there, and to see a lot of people I only see at conventions these days. I've been to every BayCon and worked every one before I got married, and a few since. It kind of sucks that we're in a strange hotel for the first time ever, and for the 25th anniversary at that, but the old place hasn't been the same since DoubleTree bought out the Lion, so.... :(

However, I'm going to miss a few chapters. [duck] Well, not miss, actually, but delay? How's that? Please don't hurt me?

There's a vague possibility that I'll get Chapter Eight of "Family Obligations" posted Friday morning before we leave but I'm not promising anything. Monday is right out. Wednesday the 30th is very iffy since I'm usually pretty wiped out when we get home from travelling and I'll probably crash, or even if I'm up for a bit, I doubt I'll be in any shape to do any writing. :/ I should be able to make Friday the 1st with no problem.

Angie [hiding under her keyboard]

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