AngiePen (angiepen) wrote,

Dead Computer

Just an FYI, my computer is dead. Or doing a damn good imitation. I went to reboot and got one of those long, scrolling, 40-character diagnostic messages which hearken back to the old DOS days, which seemed to be informing me that every system file I have (or at least a few hundred, I won't swear it was all of 'em) was in the process of self-destructing. This is bad.

Luckily, Jim's a professional computer weenie and is working on it. If he can get it fixed in software I might be back up by the end of the weekend. If I need a new HD, or a new computer, it'll probably be more like a week. And no, like a total and complete dumbshit I have not done any backups since I got this system, and yeah I DO know better.

1. [headdesk]
2. Go to Step 1.

I'm using Jim's computer to post this, but I probably won't be spending much time on it 'cause it's set up for a lefty and his mouse drives me nuts. I just wanted to let folks know I'm going to be scarce for a while. Cross a set of virtual fingers for me? Thanks.

Tags: personal

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