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Just found this morning -- remixy_things. It's brand new, created by amidalashari in the wake of the latest flurry of remix/plagiarism posts to go around fanfic fandom. The idea is that if you're good with people remixing/sequeling/whatevering your fics, you post to the community to let people know, saying what fandoms you write in and whether there are any limits on the permission you're giving. For example, you might not want anyone finishing your current WIPs or you might want to make a particular story or series off limits, etc. It looks like the goal is to make this a sort of central clearinghouse of remix permissions, so someone can go there and see if a favorite writer is signed up, or search the tags by fandom to see who in their fandom is signed up.

I'd love to see this take off. I've signed up, and given blanket permissions. One note I included, though -- and which I recommend to anyone else posting remix/sequel permission there or elsewhere -- is an explicit statement that nothing anyone else writes in one of my universes is "canon" unless I say it is, and that I reserve the right to write and post any ideas I had on my own for stories or characters or worldbuilding or whatever, even if someone else comes along and coincidentally comes up with the same idea and posts a story using that idea in one of my worlds before I get around to doing so. Ideas aren't nearly as unique as some people think they are and I'm not going to derail one of my own story ideas just because someone else beats me to the post. Anyone who whines that I've "stolen their ideeeeeaa!" will be ignored or possibly mocked. This comes up more often than one might think and is a major reason why studios don't read unagented episode scripts, and why most pros don't read the fanfic set in their universes; it's too likely that an idea will be duplicated and that some baby writer who thinks all their *ideas!!* are special snowflakes unique to them and them alone will whine about theft and plagiarism. I won't put up with any of that crap, but so long as it's understood that my stories and universes are still firmly mine, anyone who wants to come play in one of my sandboxes is welcome to do so. :D

Tags: fandom, fanfic babbling, recs

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