AngiePen (angiepen) wrote,

A Settings Change

In case anyone cares, I've just turned IP tracking on for all comments. Some anonymouse (whom I suspect works for FanLib, but might just be an enthusiastic supporter of theirs) just posted a rather asinine comment to my latest post in life_wo_fanlib and in case this escalates and anyone like that comes here to this journal, I want to be able to keep them sorted out.

I welcome comments from anyone and always have, including people who don't have journals of their own. But when someone starts anonymously criticizing me for things I didn't say and doesn't even have the balls to sign a name to the bottom of the post, then I get annoyed. Anonymous comments are still enabled and I don't foresee turning them off, but at least I have some sort of handle on them now, in case I should need it.

Tags: issues

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