AngiePen (angiepen) wrote,

An Official Assumption

OK, at this point I'm just officially assuming that any writer of multi-part stories who hasn't done something to make it easy for other people to nominate said multi-part stories for awards doesn't want their stories nominated. Specifically, if the stories aren't linked such that you can hand someone the URL to Chapter One and have them be able to click links straight through to the end, AND if there's no index page specifically for that one story with all the chapters linked to it, AND if there's no category in that person's Memories which has all the chapters and only the chapters to that particular story in it, AND if there's no tag which displays all the chapters and only the chapters to that particular story... in other words, if there's no single URL from which an eager reader can read the entire story without having to go on a scavenger hunt, then forget it, I give up.

This goes for recs too, BTW. I'm much less likely to rec a story if I have to feed the person chapter URLs individually, or talk them through some trick using a combination of links and tags and whatever all else because no one method works consistently for the whole thing. (I've done the latter for one (1) story, because it's good and hot and funny and that's a rare combination, but it's not something to count on.)

I'm just really frustrated right now because there are some great stories which I'd love to nominate but the writer(s) couldn't be bothered to make it easy for readers to find all the pieces. So whatever.

ETA: Add to the list of Stories Not Getting Nominated all fics where the header is posted to a fic community but the link goes to the top of the writer's journal. [headdesk] No, I'm not going hunting for it. I'm just not. [/ETA]

Angie (Why yes, I'm doing my MOME nominations, how can you tell? [headdesk])
Tags: fanfic babbling

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