AngiePen (angiepen) wrote,

A Few More Things

First, I wanted to say Happy Birthday to telesilla! Hope you have a great day. :D

Second, three of my stories were nominated for MOME awards! [boing] "When Stealth Fails" (which was written for telesilla), "Merciful Gods" and "Distraction" will all be on the final ballot. Thanks and hugz to everyone who nominated me! {{{{}}}}

Third, I'm making an exception to my usual No Silly Memes rule, 'cause this one's sufficiently ironic and has enough political relevance to all the crap going around LJ that I think it deserves to be spread around. Gacked from just about everywhere.

How will you be suspended from LJ? by Anonymous LJ User
Years on LJ
Hours left until your suspension28
Your crimeUncut spoilers about Luke Skywalker's father.
Who reported youjasmasson
Your fateStanding on street corners with a sign "will write Harry Potter porn for food".
Tags: blathering, fandom, issues

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