AngiePen (angiepen) wrote,

Me on IJ

Well, I got an AngiePen IJ. I've always said that for me it's about the people, and one of my very favorite writers is moving. As in moving moving -- leaving LJ and no longer updating her LJ journal, and she posts her fics locked so a bookmark or an RSS feed won't do. There you go -- to me, that's a reason to get an IJ.

I'm not moving moving myself. I'll still be posting to LJ and cross-posting to IJ, and I'll be reading my LJ Flist first and then reading anything that's IJ-only. And I'm going to try very hard not to get involved with IJ communities and such because I don't have time. [headdesk] I'm already stretched to keep up with everything I have going and another whole system full of Cool Stuff would sink me, no matter how interesting it looks already, I having already browsed through my IJ Flist. [tries really hard to look away] I have deadlines, though, and I'm going to make them.

Speaking of said IJ Flist, though, I went hunting for a few people I know have IJ journals, then played profile-leapfrog to find a bunch more. I'd love to have people start friending me back on IJ, especially if they're posting all or some stuff to IJ only. And as always, anyone who just feels like friending me is welcome. Like I said, I'll be cross-posting to IJ, so if you want to read my fics or whatever and it's most convenient to do it from IJ instead of LJ, that's cool.

Tags: fandom, issues, personal

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