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So I'm sitting here reading my Flist and the room starts shaking. [blinkblink] I'm a native Californian so this isn't a huge deal -- I didn't even get up to move to the doorway. It felt like a long, rolling shake for about ten seconds or so, with some items on my desk rattling around. I could hear the building shifting but nothing major. Jim was standing in the bathroom and didn't feel or hear a thing.

Of course the first thing I do is go online and start looking for info. :) I ended up on the USGS site and found that they have this thing where people answer a questionnaire if they feel and earthquake. They collect the data and use it to calculate the perceived magnitude in various locations. The map of data for this quake -- which was a 4.7 (current estimate) with an epicenter in Corona, about 50km east and a tiny bit south of here -- is here. I'm (currently) the only responder in 90802 (Long Beach, right on the very southern end, practically in the ocean.)

The quake was at 10:29 Pacific time and as of the latest update (10:42) there were 599 responses mapped. I love how in this day and age, when people feel an earthquake, so many of them have the immediate response of getting online to look for news and info and put in their two cents' worth. :)

Anyway, everything's fine. A bit of shaking and some noise but no damage and nothing even fell off a table or anything. Just a quiet Sunday in California.... [humming]

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