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Stacia Kane, who writes urban fantasy romances, has gotten together with a few other people I've never heard of (although I'm sure they're pretty cool [duck]) and formed The League of Reluctant Adults, a group of writers who are into urban fantasy comedy. This struck me as an incredibly neat idea, mainly because urban fantasy rocks and so does humor and the two don't go together nearly often enough. I figured folks here who enjoyed A Hidden Magic, or at least got a kick out of Azzy, might be interested in wandering over and checking their new place out. And hey, the first post mentions Pikachu-Mulder-Optimus Prime threesomes so it's even relevant to fanfic. ;)

Besides, they're doing, like, a drawing or something to give away free stuff to people who pimp them out. I like free stuff so there you go. [humming]

Tags: fun, original fiction, writing

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